Congregational Life

At Parkwood we consider our congregation a family.  We want each member in our congregation to feel like they belong and we want visitors to be given a warm welcome.  We offer many opportunities for everyone to feel connected to God, each other, and the community.

ACT groups (A Caring Team):

Each member in our congregation supports each other. We worship and serve together as a whole, but sometimes a member may need some individual support or assistance from those who live near them.  Our ACT groups are smaller neighborhood-based groups that can provide meals, rides, and other types of support to our members.

Social Events and Activities:

Fellowship with each other is another important part of our spiritual formation.  Each worship service is followed by a time for our members and visitors to get to know each other better.  There are also planned activities that provide opportunities to connect with each other in a fun and relaxing way.  You can join us for events such as Chili cook-offs, hayrides, evening meals, ladies nights and much more.

Book Clubs:

Two women’s book groups meet monthly (September-May) for fellowship, discussion, and building Christian friendships. A wide variety of book titles are chosen for reading and sharing.